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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Finds!

Hi Everyone....

Just a short post to show you what "new" things I bought this weekend :)  While my hallway/laundry room was being worked on due to the terrible water leak we had, somehow the ceiling light fixture got broke :(  I haven't been in a big rush to replace it because I wanted to find something special.  On Friday I found it!  I found a 50's light fixture on craigslist for $20!

Blown glass with heart shapes.

Beautiful detail!  I love it!

This really pretty bowl for $3.

It looks cute in my dinning room hutch.

And this little side table for $5.  At first I thought I would paint it then distress it, but now I'm not sure.....I  kind of like the wood.

And an overview picture....never mind the dog fight that was occurring the same time.  Soon after this shot, I was literally taken down.  Those silly dogs sleep in the sun and rest  peacefully when they are outside, and when they are inside they horse around worse then my kids do!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little bit of this and that....

Hi Everyone!  Thought I would share a few things that I have been meaning to post.  I also have a hidden agenda for tonights post....I need your opinion on something.....But first off here are a couple of yard sale finds:

These really cool jars, I got four of them for $1.75

I tied twine around them and added a tea light candle and hung them in my back yard.

Bottles in a perfect brown glass one of which reads "Purex" and another that reads "Clorox".  A perfect addition to my downstairs bathroom.  All for $5!

Another jar filled with rusty goodies for $1.

A 7-UP Crate that I turned upside down and put a wired lantern on top, on my porch.  I'm not to happy with it here, I'm sure I will move it somewhere else when I find a better spot.  I got this for $4.

I have had this awesome vintage window.  I have it hanging in my hall/laundry room.  I bought this from the Rose Bowl Flea Market last year.

The blog world is full of pallet love!  I made this piece over the past weekend.  I found two very light pallets at work (my co-workers think I'm nuts) and dis-assembled planks from one pallet and added them to the other.  I roughed painted it white and hung it on my wall.  I added a "love" sign and a 3 dimensional star.  It made this space comfortable and welcoming.  I love it.  NOW....FOR YOUR HELP:

This is the wall that everyone sees on the way up and down my stair case.  I have started a collage of old and current black and white photos.  I like the randomness and the uneven spaces between each picture (my house is full of imperfections and that sort of makes it feel like home..) I sort of just add as I get a new picture.  Heres my problem,  towards the top is a light fixture, this ugly fixture came with the house when we bought it 3 years ago.  It was brass, I painted it black.  I never removed it or replaced it because it is odd shaped and I didn't have the paint color that the house was painted with to touch up.

Fast forward to today.  We had a leak in a major pipe in my laundry room and drywall was cut out.  This leaves me with....I MUST GET THE PAINT if I must get the paint color for the laundry room, then I can take down the fixture, paint under it and add another.  YES!

What type of light fixture should I put in its place?  I would love something vintage rather then new.... I also need to keep the fixture there because it is our source of light to get down the stairs at 3am.

Any ideas?

Please help....

I'm desperate, I don't have any ideas whatsoever!

Thank You so much.....your the best!