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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meet Gus and Ginger

Gus and Ginger are my "doogers".  They are very happy basset hounds, they enjoy a busy day that consist of eating, sleeping and eating.  Gus is 2 1/2 years old but has the personality of a 50 year old grumpy man.  Ginger is 2 years old and is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.  They both love to go bye-bye and 3 of their favorite places to go is Petsmart, the dog park and In-n-out to get a delicious hamburger patty.  Here are some pics of each of them.  Enjoy.


Gus stole this Hello Kitty purse from my 11 year old daughter, and to this day it is one of his favorite things to carry around the house.


A blowfish for Halloween.

I could post millions of pictures of them, in fact I have as many pics of my dogs as I do my kids :)

Until next time.


  1. Hi Josie, love your doggie pics! There is a linky party for animals going on at Ruby Jean if you want to link up!

  2. They are a beautiful addition to your family. I can't ever remember not having pets. I think they make us more human ;-D

  3. They are so gorgeous!! We had one when I was very little and have always wanted another one! Her name was Sasha and I loved playing with those long ears!

  4. They are so cute! Thanks for following me, I am now following you back

  5. Great redo on the black hutch. Your collections have settled right in. Thanks for visiting and commenting today. Have you checked out the bassets on The Pioneer Woman? She has two as well.

  6. You know I'm in love with them! Our Zoey loves to steal things too. She waits until my daughter isn't looking then steals stuffed animals from her room. She hoards are her finds on my husband's side of the bed. It is really a hoot! They are adorable. Don't you love how they become a bonded pair? Thanks for entering my giveaway. Announcing later today

  7. They're so cute - I just signed up as your latest follower!
    Melissah from Country Style Chic