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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome Back......To ME!

Its been quite awhile since I posted anything.  Honestly I have no good excuse or reason.  I have just been plain lazy!  I have been doing nothing really with my spare time except stressing/fantasizing about my wood floors that I want to put in downstairs in April.  I have been stalking websites, stores, and other peoples blogs about how to install the flooring myself, the price ranges, and ohhhh the many colors and textures that they offer.   More on that later.

Before Christmas I promised to share with you two custom dolls that I ordered from Michelle at A Pinch of Prim, you can  find her here:

I ordered them for my 2 girls for Christmas gifts and they came out beautiful!  Michelle was super easy to work with and may I add that she never saw a picture of either girls.  With my descriptions only via email and Michelle's imagination the dolls look almost exactly like Alexis and Gabi.  Below are pics of the dolls and the girls so you can be the judge!  Lets start off with my youngest daughter Gabi.  Isn't she just beautiful?

There....I got your attention....This was Gabi on Halloween :)

Alexis is 19 years old and on the left, Gabi is 11 years old and on the right.

Gabi and Ginger.


Now here are the dolls:

Gabi is the princess/brat of the house and she loves all things sparkly!

Alexis is our personal "cat lady".  She wears cardigans, loves cats and anything floral.

SOOOOO....what do you think?  I know, I know, I'm totally right!  The girls LOVED them and so for that, I would like to say THANK YOU to Michelle!  The detail is outstanding and the dolls are beautiful, they were totally better then I imagined!

My 15 year old son was never considered for one of these.  Actually he probably would kill me, in fact....he would kill me.  So since I could not find anything "special" for him for Christmas he got the usual video games and what not.  I felt bad at first...but my sister reminded me that since my son Joseph considers himself "a gamer", then at this point in his life the video games are "special" to him.  (sigh)  I guess shes right....... (sigh)

Until next time....

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