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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A small glimpse of my past and my frogs....

When I was a little girl about 10 years old somewhere around 1986, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents home.  We lived a block away from them which meant that I was there everyday for at least lunch and dinner.  My grandma had a cute backyard space with a garden, a brick pathway lined with hanging impatiens of all colors.  I remember spending most of my time back there just me, my grandparents dogs, and my barbies.  My grandma had cement figurines scattered throughout the garden.  Different types of garden gnomes, fairy's, turtles and frogs.  I played with these statues and they were make believe friends, neighbors and pets for my barbies.

Fast forward to 1991...My grandma Beverly passed away from colon cancer.  I was 15 years old and pregnant with my first daughter.  I was shielded immensely from her sickness and death.  My grandmas items were dispersed through out the family and everyone seemed to pick up and move on.  My grandpa trucked on through trying to make the best out of the situation.  We all missed my grandma and we all knew that nothing would ever be the same in our family.

Moving to 2009....My grandpa Denny was a very stubborn man.  He lived on his own with tons of help from all of us as a family.  My mom took daily drives to his home at least every day if not twice.  When she couldn't, I did.  I love my grandpa more then words can express.  Sadly in 2009 my grandpa passed away.  I think of him everyday and miss everything about him.  I will never, ever meet or know anyone as special as him again.

Last year 2011....In passing I had mentioned to my mom that I wish that we still had my grandmas frogs with the umbrella that she kept in her backyard.  Those frogs were my friends when I was little, and most importantly they had once belonged to my grandma.  I knew even then that my grandma loved her garden, so she must have loved those frogs, which also meant that my grandpa the king of the house loved my grandma that loved her garden and the frogs!

August 5, 2011....My birthday....My mom called me to tell me that she had something special made for me for my birthday.  To my surprise here is what she brought home to me:

MY GRANDMAS FROGS!  After lots and lots of happy tears, she explained to me that she went to person that made fountains and started to describe the frogs and the umbrella.  The guy knew what she was talking about because they STILL have the mold!!  Who would have guessed!  So even though this is not the actual frog that belonged to my grandma, it is exactly like it!  Exactly like it!  Thanks Mom!

Now......does anyone out there have some barbies that I can borrow?

Thanks for stopping by, I know it was a long post.


  1. What an amazingly special gift! Your Mom is a wonderful lady. They are so adorable :) I love frogs as well and have a number of them tucked under bushes etc in the summer. Enjoy!

  2. OH this is so sweet, Josie...what a thoughtful gift your mother gave you...and it will always be a reminder of your Grandma, your mom, and your childhood...

  3. how great is your mom?! such a lovely post, josie--enjoy the memories of your grandma:)

  4. Josie, would you happen to be able to get the name/number of the people who made this for you and your Mom?