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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas for Thanksgiving!

I made it to the new Hobby Lobby that opened up 20 minutes from my home and it was the most wonderful place that I have been to in a while!  It was so hard to contain myself and not to fill my basket full, after walking up and down each aisle I realized that I had been there for nearly 2 hours!  Their Christmas selection is super big and that inspired me to begin decorating for Christmas (We always have an artificial tree for various reasons, the biggest being that my daughter is allergic to pine!)  

Here is my Christmas tree.  My tree is very kid friendly with all of the traditional colors.  Our tree is filled with ornaments that we have made, bought or received throughout the 20 years that we have been a family.  It looks like we will be needing a bigger tree at some point because we are almost out of room for more ornaments....or.......maybe we can get a second tree!!  Great idea!!  Happy Holidays!

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  1. your tree is so lovely, josie:) and i love your wall of plates below!