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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

I know that I said that I would post my finds on Sunday, but I was so exhausted I couldn't even bare to turn on the computer.  The last few days have been crazy (but fun).  I attended my youngest daughters Halloween Choir Concert, had tons of fun at a local Oktoberfest, took my kids to a local haunted house, took the kids and the dogs (photo attached) trick or treating and most importantly we celebrated  my daughters 19th Birthday!!

Gus was a submarine, and Ginger was a  blowfish!

Back to are the photos of my estate sale finds:

I bought this wonderful picture frame.  It was gold and dirty and wouldn't match anything in my home, but I loved the detail.

So I cleaned it up and painted it.

I LOVE the detail!

I decided to hang it above my entertainment center (previously a radio cabinet) and hung a vintage sign that I already owned in the center.

I also found this really cool 1950's radio faux telephone.

I didn't do anything to it other then clean it up and hang it on the wall.

and a pretty wine glass that I forgot to take a picture of, all for $2.  Using some glass glue, here is what I did with the four pieces:

After adding a couple of small touches, I have it sitting on my dinning room table.

Last but not least:

My oldest daughter loves cats.  We found this wooden cat jewelry holder. But it needed to be brought back to life.

I added a fresh coat of black paint.

And here it is, sitting on my daughters dresser, purring with happiness!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful finds, Josie! And I love the photos of your bassets! I have had three of them in the past- Molly, Maggie, and Nellie...they were all such sweet dogs!

  2. Thanks Linda! Yes they are sweet dogs, I love them as much as I love my kids!

  3. OH my goodness, what fabulous treasures you've found!! I love the frame and the cat--- lovely!!!

  4. Love the frame! I'm always looking for old ones with lots of detail to make over. New follower - Love your vintage style!